Thursday, September 10, 2015

SOAR Program Development & Marketing Intern

As many can imagine the first two weeks of school can be hectic and exciting. As I begin my role as SOAR’s Program Development & Marketing Intern, I am slowly easing into my new responsibilities and trying to stay organized. The program is currently preparing for the Internship Panel which will be Wednesday, September 16th from 9AM-5PM. Those participating in the panel are current Ashland University student who had an internship this past summer. Students will be speaking in groups starting at the top of the hour and will be sharing some of their experiences they had encountered.

Another aspect of my position is the mentor/mentee program that allows current students and recent graduates to connect with an AU alum that has had years of experience and would like to be a support for students. Our mentors are here to assist for any questions that the student may come across during their internship or job search. In addition, the mentors are designed to be a resource for assisting with resumes or even giving small tips on how to conduct oneself during an interview process.

I am truly very exciting be a part of the Career Services team and look forward to learning the ins and outs of the SOAR Program. 

Happy Labor Day!
Lauren Miller 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Resume Recommendations for Incoming Students

If you are an incoming student seeking an on-campus job at Ashland University, you may have noticed that one of the requirements for most on-campus jobs is a resume. Already, many incoming students have uploaded their resumes to the AU Career Connect system to apply for a job.

As we mentioned at the drive-ins and in our earlier blog post on applying for on-campus jobs, before your new resume can be used in the system, a Career Specialist will review it to make sure it represents you well as you apply for on campus jobs.

In this blog post, we will suggest fixes for some of the most common reasons we can't approve resumes in the system. If you are able to make these adjustments before submitting your resume, you should have a good chance at being approved the first time.

Suggestion 1: Use your email address.

As an incoming Ashland University student, you should have been issued an email address. Please use that email address on your resume as you apply for on-campus jobs. The reason we suggest this is because some on-campus offices that hire student workers are not able to email students at outside email addresses. To make sure every possible campus employer can contact you, please use your official address when applying.

Suggestion 2: Add Ashland University to the education section on your resume.

Maybe it seems too soon to you - since many of you have just completed high school - but we would encourage you to add information about your Ashland University education to the education section on your resume. We suggest this because many on-campus hiring managers will want to know:

  • When you plan to graduate
  • What you plan to study
  • and that you will, in fact, attend here. Without your student status at AU on your resume, it's not 100% clear that you're eligible for student employment (especially if your resume also doesn't list your email addresses).
We would suggest listing your education information in the following way:

Please replace the "Anticipated Graduation" date with your own - for most of you, May 2019.

Also, make sure you are using the correct title for your degree. You can find out which degree your major awards on this page, but I would recommend writing out the title, not abbreviating. The abbreviations correspond to:

B.A.: Bachelor of Arts
BFA: Bachelor of Fine Arts
B.M.: Bachelor of Music
B.S.: Bachelor of Science
BSAT: Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training
BSBA: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
B.S.Ed.: Bachelor of Science in Education
BSN: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
BSW/BSSW: Bachelor of Science in Social Work

If your major is fully listed in your degree name (ie. Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Social Work), there's no need to repeat it by listing a major. If your degree only partially includes your major - for instance, majoring in Early Childhood Education, you receive a Bachelor of Science in Education - I would list both, like in the example.

Suggestion 3: Proofread!

Finally, if your resume contains spelling, grammatical, or typographical errors, we will be getting in touch with you. In general, employers report that errors on resumes are one of the most common reasons for them not to consider a candidate. Make sure to review your resume thoroughly for errors before submitting it to AU Career Connect or applying for a job. It might even be a good idea to ask someone else to look over it - a friend, teacher, or someone here in the Career Services Center.

Those are our three most common suggestions for people uploading their resumes for on-campus jobs. If you would like to read more comprehensive and thorough resume advice, please see our Resume Writing Guide! If there is any way the Career Services Center can assist you in putting together your resume or targeting it for an on-campus job, please contact us - we are here all summer and can assist over the phone, by email, or by appointment. Good luck!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Finding On-Campus Employment at Ashland University

Welcome, new Ashland University students! If you are seeking on-campus employment opportunities for the new school year, this post will walk you through the process.

Where are the jobs?

All campus offices who will be hiring students to begin on-campus employment in Fall 2015 have been asked to post their job opportunities in AU Career ConnectAs of the time of this posting, departments around campus are currently seeking over 139 new student employees for 28 different student jobs.

AU Career Connect is Ashland University's own online job database where you can view and apply for work study positions on campus, full-time professional and internship opportunities, as well as temporary and seasonal jobs off-campus.

New users of the system will need to register for an account before they may proceed.

For step-by-step instructions on how to register for AU Career Connect, complete your profile, upload a resume, search for on-campus employment, and apply for a job, please refer to the Student Guide to AU Career Connect or view our video Introduction to AU Career Connect.

  • Incoming students attending summer Drive-In Orientation Sessions can find information on AU Career Connect on pages 44-45 of the Orientation Guidebook and at the "Navigating Information Technology" student session, which every group will attend at either 1PM or 2PM.

Creating a Resume

New students, if you are developing a resume for the first time, you may wish to consult the Resume Writing Guide, which is available on the Career Services site in the MyAU Portal. At the very least, we would encourage you to make sure your resume:

  • Includes your name and contact information (mail, phone, and email address)
  • Lists Ashland University, your anticipated degree, major, and expected graduation date within the Education section
  • Presents your experience, which could include work experience, involvement in clubs or student organizations, and volunteer experience (See the Resume Writing Guide for examples)
  • Looks visually appealing and contains no spelling or typographical errors

If you would a staff member from the Career Services Center to review a draft of your resume, please contact our office at 419.289.5064.

For More Information on Student Employment

Additional information about On-Campus Employment, including the Student Employment Handbook, are available on the Ashland University website. For questions regarding individual eligibility for Federal Work-Study programs, please refer to your Financial Aid award letter or contact the Financial Aid office.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Meet Deb Kopcak: April Intern of the Month!

Deb Kopcak shares a few words about her experience as the Summer Conference Intern right here at Ashland University's Auxiliary Services. Internships are closer than you think!

"This past summer, I served as the Summer Conference Intern with Ashland University’s Auxiliary Services.  This internship meant that I was responsible for all of the groups and conferences staying on campus during the summer.  I worked closely with 23 groups, ranging from 4 to 2,000 people.  My job was to assign keys to groups and handle any requests conference groups had.

I am very thankful to have had this internship.  Over the course of this internship I learned how to coordinate with co-workers to reach common objectives.  Additionally, I learned how valuable traits such as time management and flexibility really are in the business world.

After this internship, I feel as if my communication skills have greatly improved.  Also, I have gained much more confidence. All of these characteristics can and will help me as I move forward in my career after graduation.  Fortunately, I have been invited back to the same position, for the 2015 Summer Conference Season.

As a business student, an internship was a graduation requirement. This scared me at first because I was afraid I would never be able to find an internship.  There are two things students should do when looking for an internship. First, go to career fairs! Especially as a freshmen. As a freshmen you can talk to employers and see what they are looking for in interns so you know what you should have on your resume when you are finally ready to apply for an internship.  Second, network, network, network!  You never know who might end up getting you an internship.  For me, it was my manager from the Eagles' Nest, Doug, who recommended me for the Summer Conference Intern position.  Additionally, when I go to career fairs I know the names of recruiters by heart, and they know mine, simply because I talk to them every time they come to Ashland's career fair.  It's those types of connections that will not only help you find an internship, but help you find a job after graduation."

Deb Kopcak, Summer Conference Intern at Ashland University's Auxiliary Services

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Internship Words of Wisdom from our March Intern of the Month

March Intern of the Month Danyelle Kupfer shares a few words about her experience as a Content Development Intern at ARRIS Group, Inc. Danyelle offers advice not only to students who are beginning the internship search process but the job search process as well. Check out what she has to say!

"My internship at ARRIS was the best I could have asked for! This was a full-time internship from May to August.  I was responsible for converting older online educational courses to newer versions using the Articulate suite. I converted over 100 videos in the 10 weeks I was there. I also got the opportunity to help start the idea process for a promotional video.

While at ARRIS, I also got the opportunity to give two corporate presentations on Social Media. This was a side project I was put on from my boss and the marketing department. This part of the internship helped me figure out my career path and passion for social media coordinating and marketing. I did an analysis of the current social media and how to make it better and more user-friendly. One of presentations  was for 75 people on what the social media sites at ARRIS are and how to use one each properly.

The process of finding internships in my field are a little harder. I had applied to many different ones and this one was not my first choice, but it turned out to be the best fitting for me and my skills! It turned out to be the best experience I could have asked for. My advice to others is to not give up on looking just because you did not get your first choice. That opportunity can lead to finding the best in the long run. Also I would tell them to talk to others; NETWORK because this is how I find my internship and it really helps. I also made a larger network and great connections for my future.

This internship helped me in the long run by giving me experience in two different fields, one being social media, which helped me land my current internship. Internships are not just something you want to put off. Having two on my resume helps me stand out to others who only have one or none at all. Take the risk and start early in the interning process because it will help you so much in applying for other internships and jobs."

Danyelle Kupfer
Digital Media Production Major
Digital Media Journalism Minor

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Introducing our February Intern of the Month: Teah Kullman

February Intern of the Month Teah Kullman gives us a little insight to her daily duties as an intern at Mainstream Boutique and advises students currently seeking internships to work hard. See what she has to say about her experience!

"An interesting project that I was asked to compete was a fashion lookbook showcasing all new fashions for the Fourth of July. I had the freedom to creatively direct, photograph, and edit the lookbook to my liking while also staying true to the Mainstream image. I chose two models to showcase our fashions and also chose the location for the shoot. i gained skills that include leadership and creativity, as well as sharpening my amateur photography skills. It specifically taught me how to properly portray fashion, how to make it look good on the body and appeal to our our customer base.

The largest, most exciting project I worked on was assisting in styling the Football Hall of Fame Fashion Show. Mainstream was a selected store to be in the fashion show. We presented a total of ten looks on the runway. I gave my input on clothes and was appointed to choose all the accessories for the outfits. Additionally, I was given the task of running the final fitting for our two models. I was able to work with professional models, leaders in our community, and other top-level professionals involved with the show. By interacting with these business professionals my personal skills and business etiquette has greatly improved.

Overall it was a great learning experience. I gained real knowledge about business and fashion and my work was very well acknowledged. Since returning to AU with internship experience, I would tell other students currently looking for an internship to learn resilience. I applied to almost 25 internships and did not get one. I personally approached Mainstream, got the internship, and worked extremely hard during it.When those 25 other places didn't have a place for me, I made a place for myself. Learning to have that resilience proved that I can handle what gets thrown at me. You need to learn how to keep on pushing forward even when it seems like people are pushing you back. This was a lesson learned that I know will have life-long value (especially in the Fashion Industry). People can knock you down 25 times, but it only takes one step to get up. Each step up motivated me and that motivation is what landed me a GREAT summer internship!"

Teah Kullman, February Intern of the Month
Fashion Merchandising Major

Monday, November 24, 2014

End-of-Semester Calendar and Availability

Did you know the Career Services Center is open and available to assist students during and after finals? The calendar below shows our availability through the end of the year.

Walk-in resume and career assistance is still available from noon to 5 p.m. on November 25 and December 1-3.

After the end of walk-in availability, staff in the Career Services Center are able to provide career assistance by appointment through December 18th. Many appointment times are available! Please call 419.289.5064 to schedule an appointment.

If you have questions about our availability, please call us at 419.289.5064, email, or find us on Twitter or Facebook!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thank your friends, family AND employers!

By Lindsey Cerimele, Intern

Thank your friends, family AND employers!

 It's that time of year again where being thankful is at the forefront of everyone's mind. When sending out those thank you notes to your grandparents or third cousins you see once a year, don't forget to include potential employers! The Career and Graduate Fair has not only lead to many interviews, but also a variety, including dinners, socials, and professional outings. The interviewing process can be nerve-racking but once you've completed an interview it can be the most relieving feeling in the world. Just when you think it's over, it's not. Picture this scenario: You're sitting on the couch at home binge watching Netflix because the semester is over, your interview went great, and there's a chance you may be interning with the company of your dreams. All of sudden you remember that you never sent a follow up thank you note. You start to panic and plan on contacting the Career Services Center as soon as possible ask for help but it's already closed for break (full list of CSC holiday hours is now available online!). Not to worry because this easy to follow checklist will ensure that you send a thank you note that will set you above the rest.

1.) Time period: Within two days of the interview
2.) Format: E-mail or handwritten
3.) Contacting multiple interviewers: Send individualized thank you notes to each person that interviewed you
4.) Professionalism: Write thank you notes even if you are not interested in the position anymore in case you seek employment from this company in the future

For instructions on how to properly format a thank you letter be sure to check out the Interviewing Guide found on the AU Portal. By following these guidelines you will be sure to have a professional and enthusiastic thank you letter that clearly conveys your interest in the company! It's that easy!

Prepare for Online Interviews with InterviewStream!

by Brittany Cermak, Career Assistant

The digital age is bringing new opportunities for job interviews. One of these forms being interviews over Skype. Especially with interviews that may be far away for the candidate, this is a great way for the company to still interview with “face-to-face” interaction.

Do you have a Skype job interview coming up? Or would you just like to see what the process could be like? Try InterviewStream! This is a like a mock-interview for Skype. You can customize your own interview with challenging questions that might be asked in your next interview!

As an Ashland University student or alumni, you have access to this awesome resource.
  1. Just go to AU Career Connect with this URL:
  2. Log in with your AU Career Connect account. If you don't have one yet, it's free for students and alumni to create one! Click here to learn how!
  3. Then click on the InterviewStream icon on the left hand side of the page to get started - it looks like this:

Take advantage of this service to prepare for your next online interview!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Professional Christmas Wishlist

By Jamie Waltz, Career Assistant

As the holidays are soon approaching, have you started to think about what you are putting on your Christmas list this year?  It may be scary to think, but each day completed at college means that we are one day closer to graduating and become adults in the work force.  Are you prepared for an interview, or to dress professionally every day for work?  Have you thought about what types of things you may need to create a professional image of yourself?  If you have realized there are some items that you should probably look into investing- the holidays are the perfect time for you to make your own grown up Christmas list!
This year instead of asking for UGG Boots or the newest Xbox games you should consider some professional items that will become necessities for you to own!  As an employee in the Career Services Center Office I have learned the importance of professionalism, whether that means professional appearance, attitude, or behavior.   A few items that I know I will be adding to my Christmas list this year are:
·         Dress pants
·         Business formal suit
·         Business casual/formal shirts
·         Portfolio
·         Dress shoes
Having business attire that helps you create a professional image of yourself is very important!  Whether you wear it to interview with professionals and businesses, while working at your internship, or even just building up your professional wardrobe for after you graduate it is very important to start thinking about what kind of clothing you can wear to convey your professional side!  I currently only have one real suit jacket to wear when I want to dress business formal, and I have realized how important it is to own more formal clothing so that I have it on hand when I have to dress as a professional.  By asking for some business professional clothing for Christmas I am not asking for a whole new wardrobe, I am simply asking for a few items that will allow me to have some more choices for occasions when I have to dress up.  In the long run it will only benefit me because I know that I will put these articles of clothing to good use since I will be dressing formally every day for a career I hope to obtain.
The next item that should be on everybody’s grown up Christmas list this year is a portfolio.  Portfolios are very important to have whether you are a professional already or a student.  It looks great to have a portfolio with you when you go in for an interview.  Portfolios can serve as a nice folder to keep your resume in, to take notes in, and to even store business cards in!  Again, it all goes back to the professional appearance and having a portfolio to carry will without a doubt contribute to that!
Something important for the men to ask for is, of course ties!  Wearing a tie with a dress shirt can bring your collared shirt to a whole new level of professional!  Just like women, it is also important for men to have a suit that they can pull out to wear when they are given that opportunity for an interview.  One last thing that is absolutely important for both men and women to have is dress shoes!  What is an outfit if you do not have the shoes to complete it?
I hope that this year you will consider adding some essential “grown up” items to your Christmas list that can help you evolve into the professional individual you want employers to see you as. Happy Holidays!