Monday, October 27, 2014

Interested in an Internship with Timken?

This is a friendly reminder that the Timken Company will be conducting interviews for Summer 2015 internships in IT, finance, accounting, marketing, HR, and supply chain!  See attached job descriptions for more information and qualifications for each internship. 

To apply for an internship: 
  • Applicants should submit their resumes to Alicia Shoemake, Employer Relations Coordinator, at by 8:00 am on October 28th.
  • When you apply, please include all times that you would be available on October 30th between 8:30 am - 4 pm if you are selected to interview. The interviews will last approximately 30 minutes and will take place in the Career Services Center.  
Application Deadline: 8:00 am on Tuesday, October 28th
Any resumes received after 8:00 am on October 28th will not be accepted. 

All applicant resumes will be sent to The Timken Company representatives on October 28th at 8:00 am for review. Career Services will contact all applicants on Wednesday, October 29th. Those who have been selected to interview will be given an interview time for October 30th

Need to have your resume reviewed? Stop by Career Services during our walk-in hours: Monday - Friday 12 pm - 5 pm. 

Feel free to contact Career Services if you have any questions!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

SOAR Mentor's Advice for AU Education Majors

by Hallie Carrino

On September 24th, Ashland University students were given the opportunity to hear from two AU alumnae about their careers in the education field.  As mentors in the SOAR Alumni Mentoring Program, alumnae Jenny Mercer and Amanda Kozack were able to provide to a group of education students tips on topics such as student teaching and interviewing. The SOAR Alumni Mentoring Program is a great way for current students to connect with AU alumni within their major to get advice and network.

Jenny Mercer writes, “I decided to become a SOAR mentor because it is so important in education to have someone to talk to about concerns, questions, or just the daily issues you encounter as a teacher. Having someone you can talk to and bounce ideas off is so important."

"I am a proud alumna, so being able to come back and help future educators is a pleasure and an honor.  We were able to answer questions for the students that can be difficult to ask a field experience or mentor teacher, especially when it deals directly with the assigned school or mentor teacher. We were able to give feedback and insight from our personal experiences to help the students in attendance. I wish we had something like this when I was at AU."

"As much as your field experiences and student teaching prepare you for teaching, being a teacher is still different. I think being able to hear the truth or things you encounter that you are not prepared for is always beneficial. Hopefully these events continue on campus for education majors and other majors as well."

"Networking is a large reason why certain people get interviews over others, regardless of what is on the resume. The more people you meet in your field is always helpful in the long run.” 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Internship Nightmare with a Happily Ever After

 by Sydney Tenyak, Career Assistant

Internship Nightmare with a Happily Ever After

During my second year of college, I got some of the best news of my life.  As much as I love Ashland University and all of my friends and experiences here, I found out that I would be graduating a year early.  During high school, I participated in the post secondary program, in which I took college classes through The University of Akron.  I came into college with 28 credit hours completed.  Hearing that this extra hard work in high school paid off was extremely exciting, but in order to graduate this way, I had to complete an internship this past summer.  And so the search began.

I spoke with everything I could about finding an internship from Career Services to friends to my academic advisor.  I applied at a lot of companies, but none of them seemed to work out the way I had hoped.  Either I couldn’t see myself working at a company, or I did not get an offer to one that I did like. 

After about a month or so of interviewing with what seemed like no hope left, things started looking up.  I was going through the interview process with two companies and had gotten to the final interview with them both.  The first company offered me a position, but I was waiting to hear back from the other company still.  For this reason, I asked the first company for a week to give them an answer.  I completed my final interview with the second company during that week extension, and they said I would know whether or not I got the position on the same day that I had to give the first company an answer about their offer.

After speaking with a lot of people and really thinking about what I wanted, I realized that the second company was the internship that I really wanted.  For this reason, I turned down the first company, because I knew it wasn’t right for me.  An hour later I got a call from the second company telling me that the candidate pool was strong, and I did not get the position.  It felt like everything came crashing down at once.  I did not have any other leads to internships and the semester was almost over.  I was back at square one.

Karen Hagans from Career Services knew all about my internship search and had found a position that seemed to fit me well.  The Orrville Area Chamber of Commerce was developing its first ever internship program, and had asked Karen for some potential candidates.  I sent in my resume and a cover letter, and after that, everything fell into place.  I was the Business Management/Accounting Intern for the summer of 2014, and it was truly a great experience.  I learned a lot about what I want to do in the future and made a lot of connections that I plan to use in the future.

The biggest thing I learned throughout this experience is that everything will fall into place eventually, and you have to work for what you really want.  I am thankful for Career Services and everyone else that helped in my internship search.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Find YOUR Next Opportunity at the AU Career Fair!

 By Brittany Cermak, Career Assistant

Find YOUR Next Opportunity at the AU Career Fair – October 7th, 2014, 1 pm-4 pm

Are you thinking about your future career path? Whether that includes finding a job or internship in your field of study, or continuing your education by going to Graduate School, come visit the AU Career Fair on October 7th from 1-4 pm in Upper Convo. Employers and Colleges such as Cintas, Cleveland Indians, Progressive Insurance, Ohio State University, & Bowling Green State University will be seeking hard-working, motivated and skilled students for full-time jobs, seasonal jobs, internships and graduate school. 

Do not miss out on this chance to network which may lead to your most important internship or first job! Be sure to bring several copies of your resume, dress professionally and research companies and schools ahead of time to make your best first impression.
If you need help creating or revising your resume, be sure to visit the AU Career Services Center during walk-in hours from 12-5 pm Monday-Friday. 

If you have not already registered, visit the AU Career Connect page now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Post-Interview Checklist: Increasing Your Professionalism and Building Rapport

 by Lindsey Cerimele

Career fair season is in full swing! If you just attended Meet the Accountant Night, or if you are planning to attend the upcoming J.M. Smucker's Internship Fair or the Fall Internship & Graduate School Fair, you will want to follow up professionally. Just when you think an internship fair is over, remember the steps and processes that will increase your chances of getting an internship and build your rapport with employers.

There are a few important follow-up steps to the interview process, and they are crucial to ensuring you secure the position you are looking for. Below is a short checklist of steps that should be taken after the interviewing process has occurred. 

 Show enthusiasm for position applied for: Your excitement will show employers dedication to the company and put you at the top of the list of qualifying candidates.

Send thank you note: Immediately send a written letter or electronic note to the employers you were in contact with. Thank you letters reiterate your interest in a position and convey your appreciation for the time the employer took to meet with you.

Notify your references: Notify your listed references of your recent interview or career fair visit so they are able to speak about your qualifications to the employer.

Follow up: If you have not heard from the employer within 12-14 days after an interview, make a follow up phone call to check on the status of your application and let the company know you are still interested. Remember to practice patience, as you do not want to seem desperate or needy.

Abiding by these few simple rules can put you above many other candidates and increase your professionalism and reputation tenfold. For more detailed interview steps and guidelines, refer to the Interviewing Guide, available on the AU Portal through the link below.

Good luck!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Prepare for Meet the Accountant Night

Are you ready for Meet the Accountant Night? On Thursday, September 11th, from 5:30-7 pm, 17 organizations will be in the Dauch College of Business and Economics looking to meet Ashland University students interested in internships and employment opportunities.

If you are planning to attend, there are a few things you should prepare beforehand, and keep in mind during the event:

Before the Event

Develop a 30-second introduction.

To start a conversation with an employer, you will first need to introduce yourself. Please review our previous blog post on How to Introduce Yourself at a Career Fair for more information on preparing and practicing a nice summary for the event.

Research the organizations.

The list of attending organizations is posted on the Career Services website. Before the event, it would be a good idea to visit the webpage of the organizations you are interested in, so you can learn more about the company or organization and about accounting opportunities with their company. You could also research the organizations by searching for them in Glassdoor.

Prepare your resume.

Before the event, have your resume reviewed in Career Services. Resume reviews are available on a walk-in basis from noon to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. You should also print your resume on high-quality bonded resume paper. Resume paper is available in the Career Services Center for just 5 cents a sheet, or at stores including the Ashland University Bookstore, OfficeMax, Office Depot, Staples, and probably most big-box stores, like Target, Meijer, or Wal-Mart.

Prepare your outfit.

You will also want to make sure you look the part before the fair. We ask that all attendees at Meet the Accountant Night dress at least business casual, but candidates who are actively seeking jobs and internship opportunities in the near term are encouraged to dress in suits. Please review our attire pamphlet to learn more about what is considered "business casual".

During Meet the Accountant Night

Possess a Positive Attitude

A positive and professional attitude is imperative during the entire event. Practice these actions:
  • Greet everyone you meet with a smile and firm handshake.
  • Use positive words to express your interests when answering questions.
  • Do NOT talk negatively about former supervisors, co-workers, jobs or organizations.
  • Smile and show enthusiasm throughout your entire discussion.

Create a Strong First Impression

The first impression you make while networking is critical. You need to display confidence, professionalism and poise. An employer will remember if the first impression you made was a positive one. Keep the following items in mind to create a positive impression during the first ten seconds of the discussion:
  • Smile and greet each person with a firm handshake.
  • Make appropriate eye contact.
  • Use appropriate grammar.
  • Do NOT chew gum.
  • Be sincerely interested in what the interviewer is saying and respond with questions or comments related to information he/she provided.
  • Show enthusiasm and interest in the organization.
  • Be respectful of everyone you meet and appreciative of the time spent speaking with you.

Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Skills

Verbal Communication: When answering questions, be sure to use examples whenever possible.  By using examples, employers will know what experiences you have had in the past and what skills you could bring to their organization.  Examples can be taken from the classroom, leadership, work, community service and life experience.

Ask employers for their business cards.  After you leave the table, turn the business card over and make notes about your conversation.  Do not do this in front of the employers; take a few steps away. 

Be sure to use proper grammar at all times while networking. Avoid slang and fillers such as “like”, “um”, “cool”, “awesome”, “yeah” or “you know”. It is appropriate to take a moment to think about and formulate your answer once a question has been asked.

Nonverbal Communication: Be sure your nonverbal communication is appropriate during the event. Stand tall, smile and deliver a firm handshake. Maintain eye contact with the employer and do not look around the room when having a conversation.  Do not take notes or fidget while talking.  It may become distracting to the employer.

Employers expect participants to be a little nervous, but you can still be an effective communicator. By practicing your 30 Second Pitch aloud, your conversations will flow much easier with employers. 

Let us know how we can help!

If you have any questions before Meet the Accountant Night, please contact the Career Services Center, or stop in for our walk-in hours, noon - 5 pm.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Update your Wardrobe for Upcoming Career Fairs!

By Lindsey Cerimele, Career Services Intern
The Career Services Center is sponsoring the following upcoming events that require professional attire:

Meet the Accountant Night:
Thursday, September 11th, 2014
5:30 pm- 7:30 pm
Dauch College of Business and Economics 
Register on AU Career Connect

J.M. Smucker Company Accounting & Finance Internship Fair
Friday, September 19th, 2014
1:00 pm
J.M. Smucker Company's Corporate Offices
Register with The J.M. Smucker Company 

Fall Job/Internship/Grad School Fair:
Tuesday, October 7th, 2014
1:00 pm- 4:00 pm
Upper Convo
Register on AU Career Connect

With these various events approaching quickly, Labor Day Weekend is the perfect opportunity for you to update your professional wardrobe, whether it be picking up a suit from home, borrowing from a friend, or purchasing one. For anyone who has not had experience in compiling a professional wardrobe the Career Services Center has created a business attire guide that can be found on the AU Portal under the following link:

First impressions are important so make sure you are dressed appropriately for an interview or meeting. Note that some occasions require business professional while others may only require business casual so be sure to research beforehand which is appropriate for the event you are attending. If you are just starting your professional wardrobe, pick up versatile pieces that can be used to make a variety of different outfits. If you are interested in purchasing professional attire here is a list of places that offer male and female attire at reasonable prices:

  • JC Penney
  • Kohl's
  • Burlington Coat Factory
  • T.J. Maxx
We look forward to seeing you at these events looking great in your professional wear!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Job Search Manual for Educators Updated

For the new academic year, Career Services Center staff are pleased to announce a new revision to the Job Search Manual for Educators, updated for the 2014-2015 academic year. The Job Search Manual for Educators is designed to be a comprehensive career guide for education, and includes information on the job search process, resume writing, cover letters, interviewing, and more.


  • Five new resume examples, demonstrating a variety of ways to describe experiences.
  • A major revision and expansion to the section on teaching portfolios.
  • Revised information on telephone interviews.
  • Reformatted to use 10% less paper if printed.

Download the new Job Search Manual for Educators today!

Current Ashland University students, faculty, and staff can download the Job Search Manual for Educators on the myAU Portal. You can find all our Handbooks and Guides under "Student Services > Career Services > Handbooks and Guides" (or click this link to go to the Handbooks and Guides page directly).

Anyone with a valid email address can get the Job Search Manual for Educators on Google Drive. Click here to save or download the Job Search Manual for Educators (you will need to log into your account). Or, add this folder to your Google Drive to always have the most recent versions of our handbooks in your Drive.

Alumni without an AU email address can access our new Job Search Manual for Educators in the Resource Library of AU Career Connect. Simply log into your AU Career Connect account (or create an account for free). Once you are logged in, click on "Resource Library" in the left-hand column (see figure below) to access all of our handouts and guides.

Keep posted for still more revisions, coming soon!

Walk-In Hours for Fall 2014 Semester

Welcome back, new and returning Ashland University students! We are pleased to announce that Walk-in Resume Review Hours for fall have begun!

Walk-in assistance is available when class is in session:

  • Monday - Fridays, 12 - 5 p.m.
Walk-in assistance for students will be provided by student Career Assistants who have been trained to assist with resumes, cover letters, job search strategies and tools, and more. Whether you are updating an existing resume or making one for the first time, Career Assistants will be able to assist you with your needs. 
When class is not in session, assistance is still available by appointment. To schedule an appointment, please call 419.289.5064 or stop by the Career Services Center, room 254 in the Hawkins-Conard Student Center. Fall Walk-in Hours will run through Wednesday, December 3rd.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Minor Update to Graduate School Guide

Due to broken links, we have pushed a minor revision to the Graduate School Guide.


  • Fixed broken links to online information about each of the graduate school admission tests.
  • Updated link to new version of the LearningExpress Library. (This link may only work on Ashland University's campus)
  • Minor changes to wording of some items in checklists.

Download the new Graduate School Guide today!

Current Ashland University students, faculty, and staff can download the Resume Writing Guide on the myAU Portal. You can find all our Handbooks and Guides under "Student Services > Career Services > Handbooks and Guides" (or click this link to go to the Handbooks and Guides page directly).

Anyone with a valid email address can get the Resume Writing Guide on Google Drive. Click here to save or download the Graduate School Guide (you will need to log into your account). Or, add this folder to your Google Drive to always have the most recent versions of our handbooks in your Drive.

Alumni without an AU email address can access our new Graduate School Guide in the Resource Library of AU Career Connect. Simply log into your AU Career Connect account (or create an account for free). Once you are logged in, click on "Resource Library" in the left-hand column (see figure below) to access all of our handouts and guides.

Keep posted for revisions to our other guides, coming soon!