Monday, October 31, 2011

Job & Internship Search Workshop

By Chelsea Kaminski, Career Services Center Intern

Did you miss the Job and Internship Workshop last week? No worries, I’ll catch you up! We received a few handouts such as the ‘Job Search Checklist,’ ‘Job Search Manual,’ and ‘Job Choice 2011 Magazine.’ These were all very useful. You can still stop by the Career Services Center to pick these up, along with many other handouts!

We learned about the steps to search for a job or internship. The first step is Self-Assessment. This involves identifying your ideal career, preferred work environments, and geographic preferences. Eagle Exploration is very helpful in this step. Eagle Exploration is designed to use students’ interests, skills, personality, and values to choose their career and to compare careers side-by-side. The next step is Research/Gathering Information. Find answers to questions such as: What is a typical entry level position in my career path? Do positions in the field meet my financial and other needs? The next step is Developing Your Tools. Prepare a resume and cover letter, which our office can definitely help with. Career assistants are here to help you with your resume and cover letter 1:00-5:00pm daily, so stop by anytime! The Career Services Center will also conduct mock interviews by appointment.

We learned about many Job Search Strategies that will help you find and land a job or internship. A few ways to find a position are using the internet and Career Services Center resources, networking and developing relationships, and attending Career Fairs.

We explored many internet resources such as AU Career Connect and CareerShift,, and which is a helpful way of tracking your job search. Networking is such a vital strategy when searching for a job or internship. Work on using your network and expanding your network- these relationships very well might make the difference. Informational Interviewing involves meeting with people in your field to gather information about their path, the industry, and recommendations for you. Informational interviewing can help you expand your network. Attending Career Fairs is another great way to gain an internship or job. Mark your calendars for the OFIC CareerFest February 3rd and the AU Career Fair February 22nd!

We learned other tips such as ethical considerations, e-mail etiquette, what to look for when researching a company, and how to make professional connections with social media. We have a workshop on November 9th, from 7:00-8:00pm that is completely devoted to how social media can help you with your professional connections and job search, as long as you use it responsibly. Hope to see you there!

Editor's Note: Slides from the event can be downloaded for a limited time!