Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Experience of a Lifetime

By Danielle Slone, Extreme Career Makeover: Internship Edition Winner 2011

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a terrific holiday break and enjoyed the nice long weekend. I’m Danielle Slone and I was selected for last year’s Extreme Career Makeover. I am Journalism and Digital Media major here at AU, and I have to say working in the media requires a ton of professionalism and dedication. Thanks to my experience with the Career Services Center, I was able to build a lot of confidence and professionalism which landed me my summer internship for a radio station in Columbus. I’d like to invite and encourage you to apply for this year’s Extreme Career Makeover because it is an opportunity worth getting involved in! Without their guidance I would’ve never gotten the opportunity to advance myself and my career skills.

I applied for the Extreme Career Makeover because I was seeking ways to improve my resume, cover letter, and various other skills. Luckily, I got expert advice in those areas and so much more. The staff at the CSC was very helpful and provided me with a lot of good information about designing a resume and cover letter, as well as practicing interviewing skills with me and making sure I knew how to be comfortable when meeting potential employers. They even taught me really valuable networking skills. These skills I learned will be with me as I go forward into my career in the years ahead.

In addition to improving my resume writing and interview skills, I also got to have a real physical makeover. I had loads of fun shopping for a brand new outfit which included a suit jacket and pants, blouse, and shoes! Plus, I also received a Mary-Kay makeover from a local representative, and a professional haircut. I was so grateful for the appearance change of the program because it was really an opportunity I probably wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. Working in media requires you to have a clean, positive, and professional look, so having a makeover physically was really cool. The CSC staff took me to several stores to find the perfect outfit and we had a good time during the whole experience.

Overall, I recommend the Extreme Career Makeover to everyone who wishes to enhance their professional skills. Being a part of this program prepared me very well for my internship search, and I was very blessed to be chosen for it. In fact, when I went to my internship interview the supervisor commented on how well prepared I was with my cover letter, resume, and outfit. If you would like the chance to experience the same things I did, then go to the CSC’s website and APPLY TODAY! Trust me, this was definitely the experience of a lifetime, and I hope that this year’s winner will enjoy it just as much as I did. Best wishes to all of AU, and have a great semester!

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