Friday, February 17, 2012

AU Career Fair: Who's Recruiting Me?

By Dave Kokandy

Some people believe that the Ashland University Career Fair only has opportunities for certain majors. If that's what you have heard, check out the following handy spreadsheet, which lists each company and the majors they are interested in talking to at the fair! Please note the first column is "Has Opportunities for All Majors" - so be sure to talk to them as well!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Professionalism and Business Etiquette

By Krista Youngpeter, Career Assistant

Here we are, five weeks into spring semester! How time flies, and pretty soon it will be summer and you might replace some of your textbooks with summer jobs, internships, volunteer work or that’s your hope anyway! In order to secure a job for summer, time starts now (or if you have already started looking, good job)! Many employers are taking applications now and job fairs are a great way to get to meet employers! The AU Career Fair is coming up on February 22nd at 1 pm- 4 pm in Upper Convo, and it is highly encouraged students go to the Career Fair, so when the end of April rolls around you know you have a plan for summer, and then you won’t be as stressed! I mean come on, when the end of the semester approaches, life is pretty crazy with end of the year papers, projects, and exams!

The time is now to be looking for a summer jobs! It is very important to know how to be professional when mixing and mingling with employers so you look your best! If name tags are required, make sure to wear your name badge on the right shoulder, if you forget right shoulder, remember opposite side of how you say the pledge of allegiance. When you are meeting with an employer, be prepared to introduce yourself! Make sure to have your own personal 30 sec commercial, and when you give a handshake, it should be firm and gender-neutral. If meeting with multiple people, don’t spend too much time with one person, and don’t babble!

However, before you even get to introduce yourself, the employer will see how you are dressed and it should be professional! Ladies, five pounds of make-up, and lots of jewelry is not appropriate so keep it to a minimal! Black pants or skirt is appropriate, but be aware of the skirt hem and/or slit, and wear hosiery underneath the skirt and avoid low-cut or too-tight clothing. These things draw bad attention to yourself, and it will be a turn off to employers and you definitely don’t want that! Another basic thing is shoes, wear low, closed-toe heels, so, although you just bought a new pair of shoes that are brightly colored and five inches tall, avoid wearing them to a career fair or when you are meeting with an employer. Let’s be honest, an employer does not care that those high heel shoes were on sale, and you just had to buy them because they were your favorite color!

Now let’s move on to the gentlemen, a dress shirt with a tie is appropriate, but make sure the tie is appropriate, don’t wear a tie with your favorite sports team on it or anything of that sort! Keep it simple! For the rest of your dress, match your belt and shoes, wear dark socks, lace up your shoes, and no cologne!

Before you meet with employers, make sure you feel confident in how you are dressed and that it is professional! Before you walk out the door, look in the mirror, and ask yourself, “would I hire this person?” If you confidently answer yes, then you are ready to make a great first impression, so go out there and get yourself a job!

Want to learn more about how to behave at a job fair? Attend our How to Work a Job Fair program on Monday at 3:30 pm in the CSC!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rebecca Civittolo, Intern of the Month for January 2012

The Career Services Center would like to congratulate senior Rebecca Civittolo as January's Intern of the Month. Rebecca is a Social Work & Philosophy major and currently has an internship with The Village Network & Wayne/Holmes Mental Health & Recovery Board. Rebecca's primary responsibilities include researching policy initiatives and meeting with a client to prepare him for his transition into permanent custody. Rebecca says, "The internship has already given me a wonderful experience that will aid me in my future career... My speaking and writing skills continue to improve as I work with these agencies each day." Rebecca is also a Writing Assistant, Philosophy Club Vice President, and Phi Sigma Tau Secretary. Congratulations, Rebecca!

Applications for February Intern of the Month are due Friday, February 24, 2012. For more information about the Intern of the Month or to download the application, please see the Career Services web page.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Gaining Leadership Experience on Campus

By Ariel Bissell, Career Assistant

President of Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary of Social Work Club, and Vice President of Alpha Delta Pi: What do these positions have in common? They are forms of leadership on campus! Employers are always looking for well-rounded students who demonstrate leadership outside the classroom or workplace. In addition to showing that you are a well-rounded student, leadership on campus expresses the ability to manage time effectively. The easiest (and most fun!) way to pump up your resume is getting involved with a campus organization and eventually taking on a leadership position in it.

If you want to get involved but aren’t sure what is available at Ashland, you can check out the Student Organizations page. All the on-campus organizations are listed there, along with the advisor's name and contact information so that you can find out more about the club and see where and when they meet! The organizations cover a wide spectrum ranging from hobbies, service involvement, political beliefs, academic majors, Greek life, or academic honoraries.

Joining a social organization is a great way to have fun and it conveys having a well rounded college experience. A great way to boost your chances in an employment field related to your major is joining on campus organizations that are related to your major. Example: a Middle Grades Education major should probably be a member of CMLA (Collegiate Middle Level Association) or a Social Work major should try to join Social Work Club.

As a student that is involved in Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Theta, America Reads tutoring, and CMLA; I can attest to how much these organizations have benefited me professionally. Not mention the great time I've had and the wonderful people I've met in these organizations!

Join an on campus organization and that could be one step towards making you more marketable to employers!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Career Services Center – what’s the point?

By Ivana Petrovic, Career Services Intern

Every AU freshman is required to sit through the Accent on Success Career Services session, and because it’s just another one of those classes that everyone just has to grin and bear, it’s understandable when most students don’t get much out of the visit. While it may not interest students very much at the time of their AOS class, because it is so early in their college career, the Career Services Center (CSC) really is a helpful place to turn to when you’re confused about where you want to go in life, no matter your major (even if you’re undecided – in which case, the office can help with that, too!). In reality, it really can offer students of any class level the help that they need. The CSC is a great place to go if you’re looking for free resources for your internship, graduate school, or job search; free mock interviews, free help on resumes, cover letters, and anything else you can think of that’s goal-oriented and relates to helping you succeed in the future. In addition to setting up appointments with Career Specialists, walk-in sessions with Career Assistants trained to review resumes and cover letters are available Monday through Friday from 1 to 5 PM. The office also holds an annual career fair with employers for a variety of majors, an Intern of the Month process (great to put on your resume and receive free career items, such as a portfolio), several workshops, and other fun events such as the Etiquette Dinner. Another good aspect of the CSC is that the office’s services remain free to all AU students even after graduation! So, if you reach a point where you just don’t like where your life is headed, or you just can’t see yourself making it through another day at your current job situation, the AU CSC team will gladly help you find your happy place! The CSC team is comprised of caring people, who are genuinely interested in seeing you benefit from their help. So, if you’re ever in need of advice for the future, don’t hesitate to stop in anytime during office hours (8-5; M-F), call 419-289-5064, or visit the website at

AU Career Connect/ On Campus Jobs

By Molly Livengood, Career Assistant

When beginning your on campus job/internship search, the thought about where to even begin can seem a bit over whelming. Where do you start? How do I apply? Do I need a resume? All of these are probably questions that have run through your head. Fortunately, the Career Services Center has made this overwhelming process extremely simple with the introduction of the new web-based program AU Career Connect.

AU Career Connect is an online job board that all campus positions are posted on in order to help students find on campus employment. When a position becomes available, the job is posted on the site under their user name. In addition to campus departments posting jobs, outside employers also use the job board in order to hire recent graduates and to find students to fill internships. This allows ALL Ashland University graduates to use Career Connect. Once you graduate, you will still have access to the job board in addition to all office materials and assistance.

In order to use the job board, you must create a profile and register for the site.

New Users: Enter your name and password (use your 7 digit ID Number the first time you log in). Create and submit your profile and then log out of the system. You will receive an approval e-mail from Career Services once your profile has been activated.

If you are an alumnus or from a regional campus, there is a separate section to log into (Click Alumni and Regional Campuses-click here to register!”

Due to the fact that employers can search student profiles, it is important for all students to update and keep their profiles up to date. Upload your resume, cover letter, and any other documents that you would use in an application for your given field of study.

When searching for jobs, it is very important that you specify what type of job you are searching for. If you are looking for an on campus job, be use to search Ashland University as the organization name in order to see all on campus positions.

In order to more easily navigate the site, feel free to come to the CSC, to receive a guide to walk you through the basic steps for creating and using Career Connect. For further questions and concerns, please feel free to call the office at 419.289.5064. Happy job hunting!

Resources: - Click on the AU Career Connect icon in order to enter the Career Connect Job Board.