Wednesday, February 1, 2012

AU Career Connect/ On Campus Jobs

By Molly Livengood, Career Assistant

When beginning your on campus job/internship search, the thought about where to even begin can seem a bit over whelming. Where do you start? How do I apply? Do I need a resume? All of these are probably questions that have run through your head. Fortunately, the Career Services Center has made this overwhelming process extremely simple with the introduction of the new web-based program AU Career Connect.

AU Career Connect is an online job board that all campus positions are posted on in order to help students find on campus employment. When a position becomes available, the job is posted on the site under their user name. In addition to campus departments posting jobs, outside employers also use the job board in order to hire recent graduates and to find students to fill internships. This allows ALL Ashland University graduates to use Career Connect. Once you graduate, you will still have access to the job board in addition to all office materials and assistance.

In order to use the job board, you must create a profile and register for the site.

New Users: Enter your name and password (use your 7 digit ID Number the first time you log in). Create and submit your profile and then log out of the system. You will receive an approval e-mail from Career Services once your profile has been activated.

If you are an alumnus or from a regional campus, there is a separate section to log into (Click Alumni and Regional Campuses-click here to register!”

Due to the fact that employers can search student profiles, it is important for all students to update and keep their profiles up to date. Upload your resume, cover letter, and any other documents that you would use in an application for your given field of study.

When searching for jobs, it is very important that you specify what type of job you are searching for. If you are looking for an on campus job, be use to search Ashland University as the organization name in order to see all on campus positions.

In order to more easily navigate the site, feel free to come to the CSC, to receive a guide to walk you through the basic steps for creating and using Career Connect. For further questions and concerns, please feel free to call the office at 419.289.5064. Happy job hunting!

Resources: - Click on the AU Career Connect icon in order to enter the Career Connect Job Board.

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