Monday, March 26, 2012

Describing your Education Field Experiences Effectively

by Ariel Bissell, Career Assistant

ATTENTION Education majors! Your field experience description on your resume will make or break your chances of being hired! Why not put the most effort into this section as possible if it is the single most important section of your resume.

The layout of your field experience you follow this general look (with some room to add your own creativity with bolding, italicizing, etc).


Student Teacher, 7th Grade World Studies                 January 2012-May 2012

Ashland Middle School, Ashland OH

· Bullets that describe your responsibilities and experiences in the classroom

· Make sure to start with an action verb for each bullet. Ex. Maintained, tutored, facilitated, coordinated. DO NOT overuse taught! There are stronger words to describe your experience

· Make sure to highlight any use of technology, teaching methods, classroom management, diversity skills, parental involvement, or particularly interesting lessons you taught

· This is the team to use your education jargon such as differentiated learning, team teaching, types of reading assessments, use of manipulatives, etc.

Your goal should be to highlight your most impressive aspects of your field experience and show your utilization of diverse teaching techniques. Also make sure to illustrate any diversity you encountered such an inclusion class, varying socioeconomic needs, or students with varying special needs. These topics are all crucial concepts to consider when forming your field experience portion of your resume!

Remember that the Career Services Center is always available to help you with your resume. Walk in and Skype (username ca.ashland) hours are from 1-5 pm Monday-Friday and you can always email your resume to!

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