Thursday, March 22, 2012

Exploring Your Options with Eagle Exploration

by Krista Youngpeter, Career Assistant

Spring semester is flying, and you might be deciding if your major is really the right career path for you. You may also be graduating in the spring and deciding where you see yourself after graduation. Eagle Exploration can help!

Eagle Exploration is a career guidance tool designed to help discover and explore career options that match your interests, personality, values, and skills. It will assess your personal career qualities, keep track of your progress, and explore major areas of study that are most compatible with the assessment results you obtained. Once you create an account in Eagle Exploration, your tools will all be available from the Main Menu.

Career Readiness Inventory will help you think about your career. Each link has a series of question about involvement in activities that support your career and academic decision making.

The Self-Assessment section provides five reliable and valid assessments that guide through your career and academic exploration. This result will show a list of occupations that match your profile. Once you've done multiple assessments, click "See your top career choices" to put them all together. These results will be matched with occupations and major fields that fit you the best.

Explore the Possibilities helps you learn about various careers in greater detail. It explains more about the occupations generated from your assessment results, or any other field of interest. There are also options to search, such as by occupation name, by industry, what can I do with a major in…? and compare two occupations side by side!

You can save occupations and major fields that appeal to you in your Personal Portfolio. These results can be reviewed at any time.

If you have any questions after Eagle Exploration, you can make an appointment with a Career Specialist in the CSC to discuss your results.

To get started, visit Eagle Exploration and click where it says "If you are a first time user and need to create an account, click here." Use the access code "tuffy" (pictured below) and provide your class year, email, a user name, and a password and you're in!

Let’s face it, nobody wants a job where they are absolutely miserable. Eagle Exploration can help you find a major or career you will love, or will help you gain confidence that your major is a good fit for you.

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