Friday, November 2, 2012

AU Career Fair: For ALL majors, and for ALL class levels

by Gina Tornabene, Career Services Intern

In the CSC, we’ve been meeting with many of you who are preparing for the Fall Career Fair coming up on Wednesday! Some of you might not be preparing because you are looking at the list of employers and thinking that there’s just not any opportunities for your major. Or maybe you’re an underclassman thinking that there’s no use in going. If that’s what you’re thinking, there’s only one thing to say to you: think again!

For those of you who think that just because you’re an Exercise Science major a professional corporation would never hire you, guess again: many companies now have fitness or wellness centers in their offices for their employees to use, and they need people like you to work there. Would a hospital hire an Accounting major? They need someone to look over their finances! News stations need Fashion Merchandising majors to make sure that the people in front of the camera are looking presentable. Some corporations have large cafeterias that feed all of their employees. It could be worth it for Dietetic majors to see if there are openings for them! And the list goes on! Before you cross off attending the fair, look further into all of the different departments and places where they might need someone with your skills & knowledge. Think outside of the box, and who knows what you might find out!

The Career Fair is a great opportunity for underclassmen too! By attending and asking a recruiter, “What should I do in the next 3 years to be a great candidate for your company when I graduate,” you could get some valuable advice to help your application stand out. Networking is one of the most important parts of business, and the career fair will host some great potential contacts for early in your career! Although you might not be looking for an internship or full-time job right now, if you make the connection with employers this year, they’re going to remember that in future years when they are looking for interns! It’s a great way to get a leg-up on the competition, and because this is brought right to campus, you don’t have to go far out of your way to get the benefits! The Career Fair is also a great place to talk to potential employers in your field to find out the spectrum of job opportunities for you.

So now that we have convinced you why attending the Career Fair is important for you, here are the next steps!

  • Pre-registration is encouraged for this event. You can register through Career Connect, in our office (254 in the Student Center), or by phone at 419.289.5064.
  • You can get more information and updates in the event page on the Ashland University website.
  • Stop into our office for walk-in hours - 12:00-5:00 PM every day - to have your resume looked over by a trained Career Assistant.  (All attendees are required to bring copies of their resume to be passed out to employers.)
  • If you are looking for an internship or job, dress in professional attire. If you are an underclassman looking to network, business casual is appropriate if you do not own a suit.
  • Check out the online AU Career Fair Guidebook for full position descriptions and more information about available jobs and internships!

We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday!

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