Thursday, February 7, 2013

What are Professional Summaries and Summary Statements?

by Ivana Petrovic, Career Assistant
Personal Summaries and Summary Statements have become increasingly popular in the world of resumes.  This portion of the resume is a short and simple list descriptive of your “soft” skills, and what you are looking for from the job or internship world.  The section is a similar derivative of and slightly more detailed than a one-sentence objective.
Basically, a Personal Summary/Summary Statement is written as a list of phrases with periods at the end to give the impression of a mini “intro” paragraph of yourself at the beginning of your resume.  This provides a platform in which an individual can get creative in showing off the skills he or she possesses that are asked for in a job description or mentioned as job duties. Utilization of the section can be optimized by phrases that explain that you have served a certain position that allowed you to gain the skills you are said to have.
Here is an example of a personal statement:
“Driven biology major with a minor in chemistry with an interest in microbiological research of bacteria.  Assisted professors of Biology department in four bacterial studies throughout undergraduate studies.  Proven dedication to accuracy, teamwork in research, and evidence-based practice for the medical world.  Knowledge of microscopy techniques and biological data programs.  Looking for a position at Biology Research Laboratories to continue research education and perform research studies.”

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