Friday, May 31, 2013

Job Search Springboard for New Graduates

The Career Services Center would like to congratulate all recent graduates for completing their studies at Ashland University!

If you recently graduated from Ashland University, and you would like to report your employment after graduation, please complete the appropriate survey:

We appreciate your assistance in tracking the success of Ashland University alumni!

New graduates, did you know that you still have access to the Career Services Center and its resources as alumni?
  • Telephone and Skype appointments are available, if it would not be convenient to come back to Ashland for a meeting.
    • If you would like to schedule an in-person appointment, please contact the CSC at 419-289-5064 to get started.
  • Alumni can submit their resume for review by email.  Send an email with your resume attached to
Here are a few resources which you may find helpful if you are still seeking employment:
  • CareerShift is a premium job search resource which is available at no cost to Ashland University students and alumni.  CareerShift aggregates recently-posted available jobs from a number of public sources, including company web sites and job boards.  Students can search postings by key words, geographic preferences, skills or qualifications, and more.  CareerShift can also search for contacts or companies, and provides a secure place online to store job search documents such as cover letters and resumes.  While online job searching is only one part of the search process, CareerShift is the best online database of jobs available.
    • Register at
    • Please register using your email address. If you no longer have access to your Ashland email, please see our alumni registration instructions on AshlandSpaceThe cost of your registration is provided by Career Services. You should not be asked for payment if you register using the above link and with your email address at the domain or by using the alumni instructions.
    • Please contact the Career Services Center if you need assistance getting started with CareerShift.
  • Look for job opportunities on AU Career Connect, the job board just for Ashland University students and alumni – available at
    • While AU Career Connect may not have the scope or breadth of opportunities as what is available in CareerShift, the employers who have posted there are specifically interested in recruiting Ashland students and alumni.
    • For assistance in using AU Career Connect, please see the Student Guide to AU Career Connect or contact the staff of the CSC.
  • Review our handouts and guides!  The Career Services Center has developed guides on a number of topics, which are available for download through the myAU portal and AU Career Connect.
    • To access our handbooks & guides through AU Career Connect, login at and click on "Resource Library" in the left column (screen shot below). All handbooks and guides can be read or downloaded from there.

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