Thursday, June 27, 2013

Check Out the New CSC Virtual Bulletin Board!

What is the Virtual Bulletin Board?

In the Career Services Center, we receive many emails, faxes, and print advertisements for upcoming career fairs, individual or multiple job postings, and promotional information from companies and graduate schools.  This information has been shared with students in the past in physical form via printouts and bulletin boards, but physical resources are only available in our office during regular office hours. Due to this, the Virtual Bulletin Board was created to better serve Ashland University students.

The Virtual Bulletin Board is not a replacement for AU Career Connect. AU Career Connect, Ashland University’s job board and career database provides many more features for both students and employers than the virtual bulletin board. The Virtual Bulletin Board will complement AU Career Connect. All students and alumni are encouraged to use AU Career Connect.

AU Career Connect currently does (and will continue to):

  • List open on-campus student work opportunities.
  • Provide students self-service access to view positions posted by companies and organizations interested in recruiting Ashland University students.
  • Give students the ability to customize their profile, upload resumes and other documents, and decide whether their documents should be searchable by employers or only visible when a student applies to a position.
  • Allow employers self-service access to post available positions with their company and view the profiles and resumes of students who have made their materials visible to employers.
  • Provide a secure channel for students to apply directly to posted positions.
  • List positions from employing organizations who are vetted and trusted by the CSC staff.
  • Offer “job agents”, which can deliver automated search results weekly by email.
  • Remain limited to paid work opportunities only.
  • Be available to both current students and alumni job seekers.

The Virtual Bulletin Board will list opportunities including:

  • Opportunities sent to the Career Services Center via mailing lists, email, fax, and post.
  • Opportunities forwarded to the Career Services Center by someone other than the employing organization (including opportunities forwarded by AU faculty, staff, alumni, and current students).
  • Positions from employers who have not registered for AU Career Connect to post positions directly.
  • The Virtual Bulletin Board may include unpaid experiences.
  • Due to technological constraints, the Virtual Bulletin Board is limited to current students only.

How to Use the Virtual Bulletin Board

The Virtual Bulletin Board is housed within the myAU Portal ( and is organized into different sections by category.

To start, access myAU from any page on the Ashland University website by clicking “Log In” and then “myAU Portal”

After you log in using your Ashland University account, navigate to the Career Services section by moving your mouse over the “Student Services” link, then clicking on “Career Services”.

From the main CSC page, you can access the Virtual Bulletin Board or its subdivided sections via links in the column to the left.

The Virtual Bulletin Board is divided into sections for:
  • Jobs with deadlines included in the posting
  • Jobs without posted deadlines
  • Career events, including job fairs and open house events
  • Employer information - this includes promotional documents and informational materials such as “Why you should work for XYZ Corp”
  • Graduate Schools & Educational Opportunities.

Each section lists basic information for the postings within that category for a quick look. You can download the full advertisement (or other document) by clicking on the name associated with that document in the “Name” column.

Positions will be posted regularly, so be sure to check back on the bulletin board periodically. Good luck with your search!


The positions listed within this bulletin board are provided as a convenience to Ashland University students. Given the quantity of opportunities that we receive and the frequency at which they come in, the Career Services Center is unable to verify or evaluate the details, descriptions, or quality of the jobs, employers, or events shared within this bulletin board. It is each student’s responsibility to assess and investigate the employers and jobs shared within this collection.  If, for any reason, an opportunity sounds “too good to be true” - it may very well be deceiving. If you have any question about an opportunity’s validity, if you suspect a posting is a scam, or if you have questions about the legitimacy of an employer, please contact the Career Services Center prior to applying for or accepting the position. Please help us help AU students by reporting suspicious, expired, or objectionable postings to

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to Find On-Campus Employment at Ashland University

Welcome, new Ashland University students! If you are seeking on-campus employment opportunities for the new school year, this post will walk you through the process.

Where are the jobs?

All campus offices who will be hiring students to begin on-campus employment in Fall 2013 have been asked to post their job opportunities in AU Career ConnectAs of the time of this posting, departments around campus are currently seeking 94 new student employees for 16 different student jobs.

AU Career Connect is Ashland University's very own online job database where students can view and apply for work study positions on campus, full-time professional and internship opportunities, as well as temporary and seasonal jobs off-campus.

New users of the system will need to register for an account before they may proceed.

For step-by-step instructions on how to register for AU Career Connect, complete your profile, upload a resume, search for on-campus employment, and apply for a job, please refer to the Student Guide to AU Career Connect or view our video Introduction to AU Career Connect.

  • Incoming students attending summer Drive-In Orientation Sessions can find information on AU Career Connect on pages 54-55 of the Orientation Guidebook and at the "Navigating Information Technology" student session, which every group will attend at either 1PM or 2PM.

Creating a Resume

New students, if you are developing a resume for the first time, you may wish to consult the Resume Writing Guide, which is available on the Career Services site in the MyAU Portal. At the very least, we would encourage you to make sure your resume:

  • Includes your name and contact information (mail, phone, and email address)
  • Lists Ashland University, your anticipated degree, major, and expected graduation date within the Education section
  • Presents your experience, which could include work experience, involvement in clubs or student organizations, and volunteer experience (See the Resume Writing Guide for examples)
  • Looks visually appealing and contains no spelling or typographical errors

If you would a staff member from the Career Services Center to review a draft of your resume, please contact our office at 419.289.5064.

For More Information on Student Employment

Additional information about On-Campus Employment, including the Student Employment Handbook, are available on the Ashland University website. For questions regarding individual eligibility for Federal Work-Study programs, please refer to your Financial Aid award letter or contact the Financial Aid office.