Tuesday, July 30, 2013

AU Career Connect Has a New Look!

Exciting new changes have been made in AU Career Connect to help make your Career Services experience better than ever! The design has been upgraded to make your experience easier including these great options: 
  • A streamlined and updated look
  • Easier layout to complete your account
  • Fewer clicks when job searching 
  • You now have the ability to open job listings in new/multiple tabs
The general functions of AU Career Connect are the same; just the appearance of the site is different. Visit AU Career Connect now by clicking here

CSO, the organization that provides AU Career Connect, has released a general tutorial video that provides a demonstration of the new look. You are welcome to view CSO's demo video:  http://youtu.be/BGXENLo8704. Please note that this video is generic to CSO and contains small differences from AU Career Connect. The Career Services Center at Ashland University will release short videos specific to AU Career Connect in the near future. 

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