Friday, October 4, 2013

How Can I Benefit from Attending the AU Career Fair?

by Deanna Baker, Intern at the Career Services Center

Ashland University will be hosting its Fall Career, Internship, and Graduate School Fair on Tuesday, October 8th. However, working with the Career Services Center, we have been receiving a number of inquiries as to why it is important to attend, especially if a student isn't seeking a job right then. Whether you are an underclassman, or an experienced professional, here are some following reasons as to how attending recruiting events will benefit you:
  1. Get your name out there! – Talking with a number of recruiters never hurts to expand your network. You never know when you will be looking for a second internship experience or a full time position. Introducing yourself professionally can help you make a strong first impression.
  2. Practice makes perfect – Even if the company that is your first choice is not attending the career event, come anyways! It can give you more experience when you actually do talk to your desired company. Talking with businesses that you have never heard of will expand your knowledge of what they have to offer and provide you with more opportunities. Additionally, it will solidify what position is a good fit for you, but you may surprise yourself…
  3. Start to build a relationships through repeat visits – Believe it or not, employers actually do remember who they talk to! If you are really interested in a company, and you have previously interviewed with them, talk with them again. This shows that you are really attracted to their company and you will be a good fit. If this career fair is your first-time experience, recruiters will also remember you at future events. First impressions are extremely important, but continually taking the time to speak with them will show your progression into a professional, and businesses are always pleased to know that you take the time to learn more each time you talk with them.
  4. Make your own opportunities – Even if it may not appear that there are opportunities available in your major or in your desired career field, taking the time to talk to ask employers whether there could be future opportunities available in that career field could open doors. In the video below, Alison Biro talks about how her internship, which she received by talking to companies even though none had advertised opportunities in her field:

I hope these details encourage you to attend the Fall Job/Internship/Grad School Fair. You can read more about how the AU Career Fair would be beneficial for all students, of all majors in a previous blog.

Good luck at the career fair! Pre-registration ends Sunday, so be sure to log onto Career Connect and register. As always, please contact Career Services if you have any questions! We are always happy to help with resumes, cover letters, and even follow-up thank you notes! 

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