Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rachel Adalem - December Intern of the Month

The Career Services Center would like to congratulate senior Rachel Adalem as December’s Intern of the Month! Rachel is a Child and Family Studies Major and completed her internship with the Church of the Saviour in Wooster, Ohio. Rachel says “I advise all students to find an internship before jumping into a full time job…Confidence is a huge part of being a successful professional and I advise all students to build their confidence through interning.” Rachel is also the President of the Family and Consumer Sciences club, the President of the student unit of the Ohio Association of Family and Consumer Sciences and serves as a Religious Life Leader. Congratulations, Rachel!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stephen Morsher - November Intern of the Month

The Career Services Center would like to congratulate senior Stephen Morsher as November’s Intern of the Month! Stephen is a Music Education major and completed his internship with The Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps (A Corps). Stephen says “I gained so much out of my internship- things that will not only affect my future career, but the rest of my life.”  Stephen is also the Vice President of the Ashland University chapter of the Ohio Collegiate Music Education Association and holds two positions in the Ashland University chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, the National Band Honorary Service Fraternity. Congratulations, Stephen!

For more information on the Intern of the Month program, or to view past winners,please visit the Career Services Center website.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Check-List: Preparing for Internships and Jobs over Christmas Break

By Deanna Baker, Career Services Intern

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! While getting ready to finish out the semester strong and heading home to be with friends and family, take the time over break to prepare for future interviews, search for job openings, network, and even prepare your “Professional Christmas Wish-List.” 

Now is a good time to start looking for summer internships and job openings! Although this is the year-end, many companies are still looking to hire. Companies begin creating their annual budget, so they may have positions available and need filled before the New Year. Additionally, since most people slow their job search during the holiday season, a job that is posted now may have a lower volume of applicants than at other times of the year. Watching for relevant job postings and applying right away will give you a competitive advantage. 

This is an excellent opportunity to network with people you meet at parties and holiday events. Meeting new people at cordial get-togethers is a great way to get a new perspective on pursing jobs and internships. It is more than appropriate to mention you are currently looking for a position as long as it is kept within a casual conversation. Friends and family are usually always happy to help. This is also a great time of year to volunteer! Donating your time to help out at a church event, food pantry, shelter, or other philanthropic events is a great way to give back to the community and meet wonderful people. Volunteering shows that you are willing to serve and care for others. So not only are you making an impact on someone else’s life, but someone might just return the favor. Remember: Always be courteous and professional because you never know who you will meet!

 Preparing a Christmas list can often be material, but here are some great gift ideas to think about giving, or even personally asking for, which can help with professional necessities:

  1. New work clothes and interview suits. 
  2. Gift cards to be used to purchase appropriate work attire, gas cards for commuting to and from interview sites, salon certificates to polish the professional look, and also coffee shop cards to allow for a change in scenery when filling out applications in a relaxing, trendy area. 
  3. Personalized stationary to send out thank you notes after interviewing. It might also be beneficial to look into student business cards to include with your resume and thank you notes. 
  4. Interviewing necessities such as a nice portfolio, sleek pens and planners, and resume paper. 

On behalf of the Career Services Center, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday season! We will still be available over break to assist with any questions you have for applying for positions, interviewing, and updating your resume and cover letters. Click for additional details about our hours over break. Good luck on your finals and we look forward to seeing you next semester. Congratulations to our graduating seniors as well! Take this time to relax and continue searching for jobs and internships.