Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tips on How to Prepare for the NOTED Education Job Fair

The NOTED (Northeast Ohio Teacher Education Day) job fair is almost here - education majors, are you ready?

Make sure to take a look at the schedule of the day - available here - and budget your time wisely. The format of the day is open networking (a traditional career fair-style event) from only 8:30 am until 11 am. During that time, school district representatives will be scheduling candidates for interviews which will take place in the afternoon. Expect to spend most of your day at NOTED - you won't want to miss the chance to interview!

If you are interested in a Cleveland-area or Columbus-area school district, which are some of the most popular school districts among the students attending the event, we would encourage you to arrive early (before the doors open at 7:30 am) and make that Cleveland-area or Columbus-area school your first stop at the fair. If you don't visit them right at the beginning of the event, they may run out of available interviews before you visit.

Check out the list of participating employers, on the NOTED job fair website. This list should be updated again before the event.

For more tips, check out these videos NOTED put together a few years ago. Some of the information is dated (registration and the red tickets are no longer required), but most is still accurate and valuable.

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