Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Post-Interview Checklist: Increasing Your Professionalism and Building Rapport

 by Lindsey Cerimele

Career fair season is in full swing! If you just attended Meet the Accountant Night, or if you are planning to attend the upcoming J.M. Smucker's Internship Fair or the Fall Internship & Graduate School Fair, you will want to follow up professionally. Just when you think an internship fair is over, remember the steps and processes that will increase your chances of getting an internship and build your rapport with employers.

There are a few important follow-up steps to the interview process, and they are crucial to ensuring you secure the position you are looking for. Below is a short checklist of steps that should be taken after the interviewing process has occurred. 

 Show enthusiasm for position applied for: Your excitement will show employers dedication to the company and put you at the top of the list of qualifying candidates.

Send thank you note: Immediately send a written letter or electronic note to the employers you were in contact with. Thank you letters reiterate your interest in a position and convey your appreciation for the time the employer took to meet with you.

Notify your references: Notify your listed references of your recent interview or career fair visit so they are able to speak about your qualifications to the employer.

Follow up: If you have not heard from the employer within 12-14 days after an interview, make a follow up phone call to check on the status of your application and let the company know you are still interested. Remember to practice patience, as you do not want to seem desperate or needy.

Abiding by these few simple rules can put you above many other candidates and increase your professionalism and reputation tenfold. For more detailed interview steps and guidelines, refer to the Interviewing Guide, available on the AU Portal through the link below.

Good luck!

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