Friday, November 14, 2014

Professional Christmas Wishlist

By Jamie Waltz, Career Assistant

As the holidays are soon approaching, have you started to think about what you are putting on your Christmas list this year?  It may be scary to think, but each day completed at college means that we are one day closer to graduating and become adults in the work force.  Are you prepared for an interview, or to dress professionally every day for work?  Have you thought about what types of things you may need to create a professional image of yourself?  If you have realized there are some items that you should probably look into investing- the holidays are the perfect time for you to make your own grown up Christmas list!
This year instead of asking for UGG Boots or the newest Xbox games you should consider some professional items that will become necessities for you to own!  As an employee in the Career Services Center Office I have learned the importance of professionalism, whether that means professional appearance, attitude, or behavior.   A few items that I know I will be adding to my Christmas list this year are:
·         Dress pants
·         Business formal suit
·         Business casual/formal shirts
·         Portfolio
·         Dress shoes
Having business attire that helps you create a professional image of yourself is very important!  Whether you wear it to interview with professionals and businesses, while working at your internship, or even just building up your professional wardrobe for after you graduate it is very important to start thinking about what kind of clothing you can wear to convey your professional side!  I currently only have one real suit jacket to wear when I want to dress business formal, and I have realized how important it is to own more formal clothing so that I have it on hand when I have to dress as a professional.  By asking for some business professional clothing for Christmas I am not asking for a whole new wardrobe, I am simply asking for a few items that will allow me to have some more choices for occasions when I have to dress up.  In the long run it will only benefit me because I know that I will put these articles of clothing to good use since I will be dressing formally every day for a career I hope to obtain.
The next item that should be on everybody’s grown up Christmas list this year is a portfolio.  Portfolios are very important to have whether you are a professional already or a student.  It looks great to have a portfolio with you when you go in for an interview.  Portfolios can serve as a nice folder to keep your resume in, to take notes in, and to even store business cards in!  Again, it all goes back to the professional appearance and having a portfolio to carry will without a doubt contribute to that!
Something important for the men to ask for is, of course ties!  Wearing a tie with a dress shirt can bring your collared shirt to a whole new level of professional!  Just like women, it is also important for men to have a suit that they can pull out to wear when they are given that opportunity for an interview.  One last thing that is absolutely important for both men and women to have is dress shoes!  What is an outfit if you do not have the shoes to complete it?
I hope that this year you will consider adding some essential “grown up” items to your Christmas list that can help you evolve into the professional individual you want employers to see you as. Happy Holidays!

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