Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Introducing our February Intern of the Month: Teah Kullman

February Intern of the Month Teah Kullman gives us a little insight to her daily duties as an intern at Mainstream Boutique and advises students currently seeking internships to work hard. See what she has to say about her experience!

"An interesting project that I was asked to compete was a fashion lookbook showcasing all new fashions for the Fourth of July. I had the freedom to creatively direct, photograph, and edit the lookbook to my liking while also staying true to the Mainstream image. I chose two models to showcase our fashions and also chose the location for the shoot. i gained skills that include leadership and creativity, as well as sharpening my amateur photography skills. It specifically taught me how to properly portray fashion, how to make it look good on the body and appeal to our our customer base.

The largest, most exciting project I worked on was assisting in styling the Football Hall of Fame Fashion Show. Mainstream was a selected store to be in the fashion show. We presented a total of ten looks on the runway. I gave my input on clothes and was appointed to choose all the accessories for the outfits. Additionally, I was given the task of running the final fitting for our two models. I was able to work with professional models, leaders in our community, and other top-level professionals involved with the show. By interacting with these business professionals my personal skills and business etiquette has greatly improved.

Overall it was a great learning experience. I gained real knowledge about business and fashion and my work was very well acknowledged. Since returning to AU with internship experience, I would tell other students currently looking for an internship to learn resilience. I applied to almost 25 internships and did not get one. I personally approached Mainstream, got the internship, and worked extremely hard during it.When those 25 other places didn't have a place for me, I made a place for myself. Learning to have that resilience proved that I can handle what gets thrown at me. You need to learn how to keep on pushing forward even when it seems like people are pushing you back. This was a lesson learned that I know will have life-long value (especially in the Fashion Industry). People can knock you down 25 times, but it only takes one step to get up. Each step up motivated me and that motivation is what landed me a GREAT summer internship!"

Teah Kullman, February Intern of the Month
Fashion Merchandising Major

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