Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Resume Recommendations for Incoming Students

If you are an incoming student seeking an on-campus job at Ashland University, you may have noticed that one of the requirements for most on-campus jobs is a resume. Already, many incoming students have uploaded their resumes to the AU Career Connect system to apply for a job.

As we mentioned at the drive-ins and in our earlier blog post on applying for on-campus jobs, before your new resume can be used in the system, a Career Specialist will review it to make sure it represents you well as you apply for on campus jobs.

In this blog post, we will suggest fixes for some of the most common reasons we can't approve resumes in the system. If you are able to make these adjustments before submitting your resume, you should have a good chance at being approved the first time.

Suggestion 1: Use your @ashland.edu email address.

As an incoming Ashland University student, you should have been issued an @ashland.edu email address. Please use that email address on your resume as you apply for on-campus jobs. The reason we suggest this is because some on-campus offices that hire student workers are not able to email students at outside email addresses. To make sure every possible campus employer can contact you, please use your official @ashland.edu address when applying.

Suggestion 2: Add Ashland University to the education section on your resume.

Maybe it seems too soon to you - since many of you have just completed high school - but we would encourage you to add information about your Ashland University education to the education section on your resume. We suggest this because many on-campus hiring managers will want to know:

  • When you plan to graduate
  • What you plan to study
  • and that you will, in fact, attend here. Without your student status at AU on your resume, it's not 100% clear that you're eligible for student employment (especially if your resume also doesn't list your @ashland.edu email addresses).
We would suggest listing your education information in the following way:

Please replace the "Anticipated Graduation" date with your own - for most of you, May 2019.

Also, make sure you are using the correct title for your degree. You can find out which degree your major awards on this page, but I would recommend writing out the title, not abbreviating. The abbreviations correspond to:

B.A.: Bachelor of Arts
BFA: Bachelor of Fine Arts
B.M.: Bachelor of Music
B.S.: Bachelor of Science
BSAT: Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training
BSBA: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
B.S.Ed.: Bachelor of Science in Education
BSN: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
BSW/BSSW: Bachelor of Science in Social Work

If your major is fully listed in your degree name (ie. Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Social Work), there's no need to repeat it by listing a major. If your degree only partially includes your major - for instance, majoring in Early Childhood Education, you receive a Bachelor of Science in Education - I would list both, like in the example.

Suggestion 3: Proofread!

Finally, if your resume contains spelling, grammatical, or typographical errors, we will be getting in touch with you. In general, employers report that errors on resumes are one of the most common reasons for them not to consider a candidate. Make sure to review your resume thoroughly for errors before submitting it to AU Career Connect or applying for a job. It might even be a good idea to ask someone else to look over it - a friend, teacher, or someone here in the Career Services Center.

Those are our three most common suggestions for people uploading their resumes for on-campus jobs. If you would like to read more comprehensive and thorough resume advice, please see our Resume Writing Guide! If there is any way the Career Services Center can assist you in putting together your resume or targeting it for an on-campus job, please contact us - we are here all summer and can assist over the phone, by email, or by appointment. Good luck!