Monday, October 19, 2015

October Intern of the Month Winner: Kate Bogner

October Intern of the Month Winner: Kate Bogner

October Intern of the Month winner, Kate Bogner (Entrepreneurship and Hospitality Management major) was nominated by her supervisor from her internship because of her outstanding performance as an intern.  This past summer, Kate interned at ECS Billing & Consulting North as the Billing and Marketing Intern.  Under the supervision of ECS Billing & Consulting president, Sarah Hanna, Kate completed her internship hour requirements.

Kate had various responsibilities such as working medical claims for ECS Billing & Consulting clients, revamping the company’s marketing through Facebook, Twitter and Constant Contact, and assisting the company president with various duties. Kate developed marketing campaigns to increase the company’s exposure, which entitled her to thoroughly research each campaign to ensure the best results for the organization.  Sarah Hanna spoke of Kate working with medical claims: “She was diligent in her resolve to get the claims paid.  She used common sense, logic and tenacity when faced with a claim which wasn’t paid and wouldn’t stop until she found the answer to help the patient get their claim resolved in a positive manner.  She showed maturity and professionalism which is rarely seen in adults let alone college students.”

President of ECS Billing & Consulting shared that she could rely on Kate to provide her with solid information and to complete each task without complication.  Another great project Kate has the opportunity to work on is organizing and overseeing a client meeting in Orlando, Florida in January 2016.  Kate had to complete tasks such as researching the venue, reviewing the contract, organizing rooms, food and drink, as well as preparing meeting hand outs and deliverables.

Kate was selected as our October Intern of the Month winner because she displays a significant case of a student who excelled in her internship and took her performance to the next level.  Because of Kate’s hard work her supervisor spoke of her by saying, “I was totally impressed.  Rarely do I meet a young woman with so much drive and desire for her career and the tasks which her superiors require of her.  She has a great future and I would hire her in a heartbeat after graduation. She truly is one in a million.”
           The quotes and compliments from Kate’s internship supervisor show that hard work truly does pay off.  Being an intern gives a student the chance to work hard and learn a tremendous amount of knowledge along the way.  Kate now has even more experience under her belt and a strong relationship with her supervisor.

If you are interested in nominating your intern for intern of the month, or if you are a student who is interested in applying for this great honor, follow the link below:

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