Monday, November 2, 2015

Meet the Accountant Night 2015: Featuring Janessa Huffman

Every fall semester, the Career Services Center partners with the Accounting department to hold an event known as Meet the Accountant Night.  This past year's Meet the Accountant Night was held on Thursday, September 10th and turned out to be a great success with twenty participating organizations and over 70 students in attendance.

Each year, students develop professional relationships, experience networking opportunities and even receive internships and jobs as a result of Meet the Accountant Night.  Janessa Huffman, a senior Accounting and Finance major was kind enough to share some of her insight about Meet the Accountant Night with all of us!

Janessa has attended Meet the Accountant Night all four years of her studies at Ashland University and shared that it was really beneficial because she was not nervous while attending her junior and senior year.  Every year that Janessa attended she went with new strategies in mind. For example, her sophomore year she was looking to talk with industry accounting organizations, junior year she was seeking public accounting organizations and her senior year she went purely for the networking reasons.

In order to prepare for the event Janessa shared, " I would start preparing a few weeks prior to the event by researching employers, updating and printing my resume and practicing my elevator pitch."  Being prepared for the event helped Janessa to have successful experiences.  Her sophomore year, she obtained an internship with Gorman-Rupp which turned out to be a great experience for her.  A corporate executive from the company then passed on her name to Meaden and Moore, which goes to show just how important networking opportunities are and how your name can spread as a result of hard work.  Janessa's junior year, after attending the Meet the Accountant Night, she received an internship from Barnes Wendling, a CPA firm.

The biggest way that Meet the Accountant Night impacted Janessa was that it gave her the confidence to network with employers which led her to several great opportunities.  This past summer, Janessa attended a networking event with many accounting professionals and was the only college student there!  She felt confident enough in her ability to talk with employers and as a result of her preparation she actually obtained a full-time position starting next fall at VonLehman CPA in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky as the staff accountant.

Janessa shared that because of her experiences each year at Meet the Accountant Night, it helped her gain professional skills and become more confident with networking, which ultimately assisted her in obtaining her full-time position for after graduation.  Janessa spoke of Meet the Accountant Night by saying, "It's a really great opportunity to bring employers and students together right here on campus."  We love sharing success stories such as Janessa's and hope that our AU accounting and finance students all have positively impacting experiences after attending this great event!

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