Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November 2015 Intern of the Month Winner

Congratulations to Tiarra Kick!

Tiarra is a junior, marketing major and public relations minor.  This past summer she interned at the Mansfield YMCA as the Marketing Specialist.  As the Marketing Specialist her responsibilities consisted of managing marketing plans, assisting with communications and strategies with media firms, monitoring marketing results to determine effectiveness, and enhancing the ways that the YMCA utilized the Nationwide Campaign materials.  Common tasks that Tiarra did on a daily basis were writing press releases, implementing social media tactics and assisting with other departments of project management.  Needless to say, Tiarra had the opportunity to grow as a marketing professional and gain experience working with teams and managing projects strategically.  

Tiarra was brought on as an intern at the Y, but then had some bigger shoes to fill.  During the month of June her marketing supervisor accepted a new position and she had been given the opportunity to fulfill his position until the school year started again in August.  Tiarra says that, 
"Fulfilling the Marking and Communications Specialist position was my biggest value-added contribution.  I was really excited and honored that I would be able to have more responsibility.  This opportunity benefited me immensely."
While filling the shoes of the Marketing and Communications Specialist, Tiarra had the chance to develop relationships with businesses and news outlets in the community which allowed her to gain sponsors for events.  One of Tiarra's major accomplishments was raising $600 for the Mansfield YMCA's annual Car Show and Blueberry  Festival Glow Run.  Another incredible contribution she added to the Mansfield YMCA was increasing their Facebook engagement by 920%!

During her experience she achieved all of her established learning objectives which allowed her to grow as a business professional in several ways.  A few mentioned ways were improving her written and verbal skills, gaining presentation experience, and  increasing project management and analytic tracking skills.

Tiarra's advice for students that are looking for an internships is to be proactive.  She says, "Make the first move to introduce yourself, ask questions, and find the opportunities for improvement once you understand the processes you work with.  The benefits of an internship are endless!"

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