Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Morgan Hall - March Intern of the Month

Morgan Hall, a senior studying Corporate Finance & Business Management is our March Intern of the Month.  Morgan interned at JPMorgan Chase during the past summer as a Summer Financial Analyst.  Through this internship, Morgan was given the opportunity to develop many professional skills that will help her as she pursues her career.  

During her time at JPMorgan Chase, Morgan learned about many aspects of finance by being exposed to executives within the company including the CEO and CFO.  Morgan developed strong relationships with many other team members including other interns that worked within the organization.  Through this experience, Morgan got direct advice from the CEO and CFO and was able to get a better sense of what it is like to work in a team environment with a lot of diversity.  By being exposed to different areas of the organization and working with different people, Morgan said, 

"My internship was reassurance that I chose the right career path for myself and helped me distinguish which parts of finance I was most interested in."

Morgan also highlighted that working for JPMorgan Chase has given her the abilities and skills required to be successful that are not taught in the classroom.  She was able to improve in many areas including her organization skills, professionalism, networking, data analysis, and communication skills.  

At the end of Morgan's internship, she received a full-time job offer beginning in July, so we would like to congratulate Morgan and commend her for her hard work and dedication. Morgan thinks it's important to take advantage of internships, even if you aren't expected to do so.  

"Being a business major, we are required to have one internship but I would recommend doing 2 or more internships if possible.  Students can gain real world working experience and also learn more about the company/industry they are interested in." 

If you are interested in applying to be our next Intern of the Month, learn more about the program here!

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