Monday, April 11, 2016

Education Expo Registration Deadline Information

Today is the last day to register for Education Expo! Registration instructions are available here, but please read the information below in addition to the attachment. 

If you register tonight for Education Expo, please note the following information:

  • AU Career Connect requires that a resume is uploaded to your profile, and approved by Career Services, before the system will let you register for Education Expo. 
    • All resumes are automatically uploaded to AU Career Connect with a pending status (regardless of whether or not you have had it reviewed) until a Career Services staff member activates the resume. 
  • Please follow these steps to register for Education Expo:
    • Upload your resume to your AU Career Connect profile if it is not already there. 
    • Send an email to letting Kayla know that you would like to register to attend Education Expo, and Kayla will register you for the event (because AU Career Connect will not let you register until your resume is approved). 
      • In your email, please confirm your license area and graduation month/year. 

If you miss the 4/11 deadline but still wish to attend:

We will be making student name tags tomorrow morning (4/12). If you miss the registration deadline but are still interested in attending Education Expo, you are still able to attend, but you will not have a printed name tag.