Monday, September 19, 2016

September Intern of the Month

Natalie Helenthal, studying Business Management & Marketing is our September Intern of the Month. Natalie interned at the Convention and Visitors Bureau during this past summer as a Marketing and Public Relations Intern. During this internship she was giving a skill set that she could not gain any where else.

Throughout this internship Natalie learned computer skills such as using Excel and Access, along with being able to work on a team. She also helped the Convention and Visitors Bureau prepare and set up for there Annul Meeting. Natalie also worked on projects such as updating and maintaining the Bureau's website and databases, fulfilling information requests, and managing the Bureau's e- newsletters and member correspondences.

Natalie was also able to work with Convention and Visitors Bureau's outdoor booth at the Mid- Ohio Sports Car Course by informing visitors about there businesses in Richland County. Along with these duties and projects she assisted in membership renewal by organizing, printing, and putting together packets that would be set out to the organizations around Richland County

Natalie's advice to future students is "That would also go along with the advice to other students, always ask for help no matter how hard it is. These people are here to help you and want to put you in a position to succeed, just be willing to work and don't be afraid of sounding 'stupid'. Gaining experience in the workplace is more than any class on campus is going to be able to give you. Being able to work alongside people who have been in the business world for 10 or 20+ years, and have them wanting to help you, is amazing. I wouldn't pass on this opportunity because you get more from it than the employer." 

If you are interested in applying to be our next  Intern of the Month click here to apply.

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