Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New Courses Offered Next Semester

Life Calling II

This course will focus on assisting students, through self-awareness and self- development, to gain better understanding of the career options related to their majors. Experiential activities, videos, self-assessments, simulations/role-plays, field trips, shadowing and active interactions with professionals in their disciplines will be used. Students will be empowered to pursue their ideal internship and make the most of any internship when they attain it.

Upon completing the course, the students will ready for an internship search and internship experience and will know the compatibility of their careers and majors with their aptitudes and temperaments, know the range of career options related to their chosen major, connect with a professional in their career who could be their mentor for the remainder of their college career or beyond, understand know the opportunities and related to their line of work. The students will be given an opportunity to develop a working map for achieving their career goals and set them on the right track for graduation.

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