Monday, November 14, 2016

November Intern of the Month Winner

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Congratulation to Brandon Bleile, November's Intern of the Month Winner. Brandon Bleile is a senior at Ashland University studying a major in Business Management and a minor in Finance. Brandon recently had a marketing internship with the Foot & Ankle Center of Ohio in Wooster, OH as a Marketing Specialist.

Brandon was able to control three different aspects of marketing within the practice. The first was internal marketing, which entailed improvement within the company to make the company more appealing and marketable.

The second category of marketing is external marketing, which is the category that most people are familiar with. External marketing included billboards, TV commercials, newspaper ads, and fundraisers. In this category Bliele got to work with a strict budget in which he had to go out effectively spend money to develop marketing campaigns that give the practice the best return on investment.

The final marketing category is called shoe leather marketing , which involves developing a referral program that is set in place so that other doctors and or relevant individuals have a trusted, reliable company that they can point patients to or other potential customer to. This type of marketing attracts 40% of new patients.

Brandon now has a deeper understanding of the medical field and has developed a deeper understanding and appreciation for marketing. Prior to this internship he had no day in, day out marketing experience but after this internship with the Foot & Ankle Center of Ohio he now feels comfortable to face his career in the future.

Advice that Brandon would like to give to fellow students is to do as many internships as possible. The more experience the better, and connections that are made along the way are just one of many things that will benefit you.

"Ashland University has helped facilitate my continued development in the business world through an internship with the Foot & Ankle Center of Ohio"

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