Monday, January 30, 2017

January 2017 Intern of the Month

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Starting off the year of 2017 strong, we would like to congratulate Emily Leffler on being selected as out January 2017 Intern of the Month.  Emily Leffler is a junior studying Fashion Merchandising, planning to graduate in May of 2018.  Over the summer, Emily worked as a Sales Representative for The AroundCampus Group.  Through this internship, Emily established herself as a self-motivated member in a team environment, ultimately helping to drive the success of the group.

Emily's main responsibility was to put together a directory for 10,000 students, faculty, and staff with a team of four students.  To prepare her for her duties, she attended the Sale Foundations Academy at the University of North Caroline - Chapel Hill where she was given ample tools and advice to help her be a successful sales representative.  As an individual in the group, Emily got to be her own boss, making an average of 30 sale calls a day.  Her team would meet two times each day, once in the morning and once in the evening.  This strategy allowed them to effectively collaborate on strategies, goals, ideas, problems, and their individual performance that day.  Emily was able to develop skills in motivating, communicating, negotiating, and problem solving through these daily meetings.  These skills are great in the real world, and can be applied in any field.

Emily learned that for the success of a group, working together and asking for help when it's needed will help any group become more successful.  When it comes to personal growth and being a good team member, communicating concerns and struggles will help everyone learn from each other and you will grow as an individual.  Emily has been given the knowledge to effectively make sales, understand how businesses operate, and what it takes to run a business.

We are glad this experience did so much for you Emily, and we hope that your influence will positively impact our students and University so that your success and others' success can grow.  Thank you for your effort Emily and we wish the best for you in your future endeavors.

If you are interested in applying to be our next Intern of the Month click here to apply.

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