Monday, February 13, 2017

Delaney Christian, February 2017 Intern of the Month

February 2017 Intern of the Month

Congratulations are in order for Delaney Christian, for being chosen as this February's Intern of the Month. Delaney is a junior double majoring in Social Work and Criminal Justice with double minors in Sociology and Child and Family Studies.  Over the summer she worked as a Office/Clinic Intern for McIntyre Center. The experience that Delaney had at her internship has been one that helped her decide exactly what she wants to do after she graduates.

Delaney's experience at the McIntyre Center has provided her with skills that she can take with her after she graduates as she moves into her career. During her internship she became familiarized with the office environment, by answering phone calls and filling paperwork. She was able to interact with drug and alcohol abuse clients that were coming in for treatment. Some of the tasks she was responsible for were conducting urine samples for clients, looking over case notes and assessing group work.

Initially Delaney did not want to go into the drug and alcohol sector of social work and was more focused on working with juveniles in the court system. After being introduced to the drug and alcohol addiction side of social work through her internship she has considered changing her plans for after graduation. She now wants to help individuals become clean and help them stay clean. She believes that if she can make a difference in one person's life it will all be worth it.

“It has been such a great experience working with the individuals in career services and they honestly care how things are going with you while you are going through the internship and your career search after. This internship has given me the experience to go out into my job search feeling confident and
well prepared.”

We are glad your experience did so much for you and we hope that it will continue to benefit you on your career path. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and we wish you the best on your future endeavors.

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