Thursday, March 16, 2017

March 2017 Intern of the Month

We are happy to announce Austin Williams as AU Career Services Center's March 2017 Intern of the Month! Austin is a senior ready to graduate this semester studying Finance and International Business. Last summer, Austin had the opportunity to work with Morgan Stanley as an Institutional Wealth Management Intern. As someone who has a strong business mind, Austin gained a lot of valuable experience by being immersed in the business.

During his internship with Morgan Stanley, Austin worked with a team of investment consultants which allowed him to get hands on experience in the office. He assisted the team by doing a variety of projects on Microsoft Excel, which is a great program to have extensive knowledge of. He also performed research for business prospects while doing general administrative and office tasks. One great takeaway from this experience was the opportunity to really understand how a wealth management office is run. This involved developing and implementing allocation strategies based on market conditions, which throughout his experience he got to see by working with his team. This experience altogether helped Austin develop many skills and knowledge, but above all else helped him develop as a businessman.

Austin's advice for students is to get ahead early on in your college career. Internships are the most important part of any student's professional college career. These experiences are invaluable to the textbooks you may or may not read. Getting immersed into the business and understanding how a business operates is the best way to get prepared for the real world.

Austin also quoted, "Internships are the most important thing to a students college career. They give you the opportunity to learn from professionals in the field and exposure to what the business world is actually like. My opportunity at Morgan Stanley was a fantastic learning experience and confirmed my choice of major and career path."

It is exciting to hear that you confirmed your career path after graduation. You have been given the tools to be prepared for what comes and we know you will do a great job. We wish you the best Austin and want to thank you for taking the time to apply for our Intern of the Month program.

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